The Dream Of regularly invites additional practitioners of the highest caliber to be in residence at our studio. Their expertese and dedication to their craft is next to none, and we cannot wait for you to expereince their offerings.

Elements East

Grace is a licensed and qualified Five Element Acupuncturist (BA. Hons, Lic.Ac.), having trained with Master Acupuncturist and fertility expert Gerad Kite. Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient medicine working to treat the cause of imbalance in the body, not the symptom. As an elemental medicine this system works with the laws of nature and the five elements that we see both outside ourselves, and within. Grace's sessions are tailored to each patient, focusing on the individual to find what is at the root.

Grace works with needles to move qi, or vital energy around the body, removing blockages and stagnation. This sacred system of Chinese Medicine works on the level of body, mind and spirit. Grace's sessions work deeply to bring patients back into alignment and wellness, with a greater connection to self. 

Holly Webber

Holly is a qualified Reflexologist, mother and firm believer in the body’s ability to care for itself when we create a conducive environment for it to do so.

Since training in Reflexology, nearly a decade ago, Holly’s practice has evolved but her intention has always remained the same; to guide clients into deep, restorative relaxation that can provide respite and rejuvenation.

While the deep relaxation facilitated by this ancient therapy is beneficial for all, Holly’s speciality lies in Maternity Reflexology. From pre-conception all the way through pregnancy and into the post-natal period, she is passionate about supporting the bodies and minds of women as they navigate the many ups and downs of the maternal journey.

Cassie Adams

Cassie is a qualified body acupuncturist who completed extensive apprenticeship training under John Tindall, an internationally renowned acupuncturist and herbalist, at Yuan Traditional Medicine College. Her training included a beautiful integration of various Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and practices, such as the 8 principles, Microsystems, and the Master Tung technique.

Cassie believes that our bodies are intrinsically connected to nature, which serves as our greatest teacher. She views acupuncture and TCM as conscious healing practices that guide the body back to harmonious balance and peace.

Our bodies are continuously send us messages and signs, both internally and externally, indicating what needs to be balanced. It is the acupuncturist's role to perceive, understand, and assist with these messages through ancient practices, with intention, compassion, and guidance.

Cassie will be offering both full body acupuncture and Microsmic Facials.