Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy & Massage


  • Aromatherapy Reiki Massage

    £175 / £235

    Designed for a deeper healing, this Aromatherapy and Reiki infused massage focusses on both the physical and the energetic, in all senses.

    During this treatment you will experience a full body massage using a bespoke Aromatherapy Oil intuitively blended with your deepest healing in mind. We will combine this massage with Reiki to shift any blocks that you are experiencing, guided by intuition and touch. This long treatment will leave you feeling completely re-aligned in mind, body and spirit.

    Aromatherapy harnesses the deeply healing powers of essential oils to work on the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of our psyche. You will be given a bottle of the aromatherapy oil that is used on you in this session to take home and continue to use within your rituals.

    You will be given time at the end of this treatment to discuss anything that may have come up during your session.

    90 Mins | 120 Mins

  • Reiki Massage

    £105 / £140 / £195

    Reiki Massage focuses on both the physical and the energetic. Guided by intuition and touch, we ground deeply into your body releasing any physical tension you may have. We work on achieving a state of homeostasis and deep relaxation which then opens you up to the energetic work. We then work with Reiki healing to remove energetic blocks, balance your Chakra system and attune your energy.

    This treatment is kind, gentle, and works on both a physical and energetic level which can facilitate profound shifts.

    You will be given time at the end of this treatment to discuss anything that may have come up during your session.

    60 Mins | 90 Mins | 120 Mins

  • reiki session


    Reiki healing aligns your chakras, brings balance by removing energetic blocks and attuning your energy.

    During this treatment you will receive Reiki to shift any blocks that you are experiencing. This treatment will then end with a head massage to bring you back to presence and an energetic closing. You will be given time at the end of this treatment to discuss anything that may have come up during your session.

    60 mins | COMMUNITY SLOT*

    *I have one donation based Reiki slot available each week on Wednesdays at 10.30am for people who are from low income, going through bereavement or experiencing terminal illness. 

    Please be honest when making this booking and only take this slot if the above apply to you.


    £90 / £125

    Experience a full body holistic massage. This treatment focusses on physical, mental and emotional well-being with aim is to centre you, and is guided by awareness and touch. The technique decreases muscle soreness, increases flexibility and promotes circulation and general good health. This massage is perfect for those who are looking for deep relaxation, and want to give themselves time to tune in (or out), giving both a physical and emotional release.

    60 Mins | 90 Mins


    £95 / £130

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Vodder Technique) is designed to help your body eliminate toxins and enhances lymphatic circulation. This treatment assists with reducing swelling and strengthens the immune system by assisting lymph flow to lymph nodes.

    The treatment itself is gentle and beautifully relaxing (with clients often falling asleep during the treatment due to its rocking sensation) as well as having all of the above benefits.

    60 Mins | 90 Mins


    £90 / £125

    Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing deeper layers of soft tissue and fascia with a firmer pressure and deep kneading. The technique is designed to release the tension and tightness held deeply in your muscles and your connective tissues.

    This massage is perfect for those who are looking to release deep tension in their bodies and alleviate soreness or imbalance.

    60 Mins | 90 Mins

Vickie’s gentle yet powerful treatments have been transformational for me. She offers a physical and emotional sanctuary in a chaotic and stressful world that never fails to reconnect and rebalance your well-being.


The work Vickie does is magic. I always feel so held in her soothing and healing presence. I had been wanting to try Reiki for years without knowing too much about it, but it was her love for the practice that inspired me to try. I have never felt so light and supported through a treatment. I can not recommend her enough!


Vickie's gentle and empathetic presence instantly made me feel at ease. She attentively listened to my presenting complaints with compassion and openness. The treatment itself was a total dream, and it put me in a space where I left feeling like the best version of myself. I felt more grounded, open and like a weight had lifted. I can’t recommend her enough.


I’ve been seeing Vickie for a couple of years now. Since experiencing a huge loss last year, we have added reiki to our practice and just wow. My grieving & healing journey has definitely not been the easiest but I’ve always felt a little lighter, a little less sad and a little more grounded after seeing Vickie. The miracles of her energy work and the shifts they bring with them have been a very important part of my healing journey. On top of all of this, I call her a friend and an inspiration. I feel very lucky to have Vickie in my life.

— Zoe

I’ve had countless massages over the years, but Vickie’s treatment felt very special and unique. After experiencing burnout and it was exactly what I needed. A beautiful blend of supportive physical massage combined with Reiki. I felt a deep sense of relaxation, connection, clarity, peace and (gentle) transformation. The thought ‘I didn’t know it was possible to feel so good’ floated into my mind often throughout the treatment. I highly recommend the 90 minute duration.



My name is Vickie and I work in the realm of Intuitive Healing. I use the modalities of Reiki, Aromatherapy and Massage to hold space and facilitate experiences of deep connection and tender release.

My own personal experiences and journey of profound healing and radical change have become the foundation from which I build on, ever learning how to fold deeper into the experience of living a fully present and embodied life.

My offerings are here to support you in your healing and wellbeing and deepen your connection to your body and energetic centre. My goal is always to connect you to your truest self, remove energetic blocks, release tension in the body and help you drop in to stillness - where we ultimately connect to our gut and intuition.

Each session is always different, tailored to you and your needs. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this work, to hold space for others. It is truly a privilege.

Regarding the spirit of connection and collaboration, if you feel that there are opportunities for us to work together outside of my modalities, I am always open to new areas of expansion. For collaborative work you can contact me here.

I look forward to meeting you,

With Love,


New Offerings

Learn Reiki With Me

I am so excited to launch my Reiki Level 1 training which will take place from my studio in Hackney Downs.

The intimate course will be limited to 6 spaces and take place over the course of a weekend. Expect lots of 1-1 learning and connection with a beautiful group of like minded souls.

Date: July 27th & 28th

Price: £395

Learn More

Community Cacao & Reiki Session


Sunday June 30th, 3pm-5pm


There will be 7 spaces available for this immersive Cacao Ceremony & Group Reiki session hosted at my studio in Hackney Downs.

Expect to meet a collection of beautiful likeminded souls and experience the power of Reiki and Keiths Cacao combined.

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If you'd like to gift your loved one a treatment with me, you can purchase a gift card here.

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